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The cost of living in Michigan has made it a popular location for families to relocate, as any Michigan Moving Company could no doubt attest. The number of people soliciting Michigan moving quotes is indicative of the fact that many people are being forced to relocate from their home states to states whose homes and other living costs are lower than what they are currently paying.

The Two Peninsulas of Michigan
Families that are considering moving to Michigan need to take the time to research the area they are going to move to as the state has two peninsulas, in fact, it is the only state made up entirely of two peninsulas. In terms of moving to the state, it simply means it is more economical to find a Michigan moving company that services the area where the family is going to move rather than paying higher costs to Michigan movers who have to cross the water to get the move accomplished. This is an important consideration when seeking Michigan moving company quotes and can make a huge difference in cost.

See Maps & Road Conditions from the Michigan Department of Transportation

The Michigan Economy
Before moving to Michigan it is important to know what job prospects are available, unless of course the move to the state is because of business. Michigan’s economy is diverse with major industries in the state being automobile manufacturing, pizza corporations, Christmas tree growing and many other major markets. Domino’s Pizza and Little Caesar’s pizza was founded and is still headquartered in Michigan.
Even though Michigan underwent several downturns in its economy, it has in recent years seen an upturn in the development and creation of corporate facilities in its state. These, along with the state’s extremely low personal income tax, a mere 4.35%, are reasons many people who need to relocate choose Michigan as their new home.

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Michigan Education
Anyone considering moving to Michigan should want to know how the education system is in the state, particularly if they have or will have children. The University of Michigan and Michigan State University, along with Wayne State University are leading research institutions. These facilities also play an important role in Michigan’s economy.
The public education system in the state for K-12 students has an enrollment of approximately 1.6 million students. Approximately 125,000 more students attend private school and there are many students who are homeschooled though the exact number is not known as they are not counted. The state has a 14.5 billion dollar annual education budget. Families should feel secure in the knowledge that their children will have the opportunity to get a quality education.
Newcomers to the state of Michigan and people considering moving to the state of Michigan will find that it has an excellent economy system and the price of living is often lower than it is in other states. Add to that a quality education system and there’s not any reason not to move to Michigan.

Michigan Department of Education

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